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These part-time study courses are designed to enhance current practitioners’ skillsets
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Explore the steps in the construction process from the award to close-out. Topics in this course will include scope of work, bidding, start up, control system requirements, role of consultants and organizational structure. Other topics include contractors safety program, work changes and preventing delays.

January 27
starts in 4 months
Online learning, synchronous. With Philip Perry

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of estimating construction projects costs from concept to completion, including types of cost estimates, the tendering process, costing site overheads, and final assembly of tender. The roles of estimators and industrial cost engineers will be explored as well as value engineering and cost control processes and techniques. Cost risks inherent to Alberta conditions will also be discussed.

November 16
starts in 1 month
Online learning, synchronous. With Bruce Smith

Through examining practical construction considerations, this course emphasizes critical path planning and scheduling methods. Topics will include network diagrams, time/resource/cost interrelationships, selection of crew, method and equipment, schedule monitoring, group planning techniques and monitoring, updating, and progress reporting.

September 14
already started
Online learning, synchronous. With Bruce Smith

Examine the principles of contract law as they relate to the construction industry. In particular, the course will deal with the creation and interpretation of contracts and the remedies available for breaches of contracts. There will be considerable emphasis on the rights and responsibilities of owners, contractors, and consultants in the bidding process. You will acquire knowledge and skills to administer projects with reduced legal difficulty and to resolve disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.

March 10
starts in 5 months
Online learning, synchronous. With Philip Perry

The dynamics of today's business environment requires organizations to change, grow, and reinvent themselves. These new directions can only be achieved through the effective identification and implementation of projects. This seminar will provide you with a fundamental understanding of project management theory. You will develop an understanding of what projects are, what constitutes a complete project scope, how to develop an overall project schedule, what processes the project will have to follow, and what business systems will be required to ensure a successful outcome. A comprehensive project management model will be provided. As well, this seminar will address the human elements of project management.

October 16
starts in 20 days
Online learning, synchronous. With Larry Fox

This course will focus on the human elements of the construction industry is the focus. Topics will include: negotiation and communication strategies, methods, and styles; team building, collaboration, and the situational leadership model; conflict resolution, and strategies for dealing with issues such as intransigence, insubordination and absenteeism. Prior knowledge of project management and administrative controls is recommended, but not required.

January 15
starts in 3 months
Online learning, synchronous. With Kenneth King

Cost control is the key function to ensure project and budget success. Effective cost control includes monitoring budgets, costs and the implications of proposed work changes, along with analysis of cost-related trends; all from the earliest stages of the project. This course will cover concepts, tools and techniques of construction cost control within project management. This course includes aspects from professional organizations such as the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, American Associations of Cost Engineers and Project Management Institute to provide a well-rounded understanding of the rationale used developing cost control systems.

Not currently scheduled – new schedules announced each June and November.

Managing risk is a critical function to ensure successful construction projects. Construction is inherently risky including aspects such as: costs, time, physical (personal and property), environmental, jurisdictional, reputation, and general liability. Risk levels and sensitivity must be considered in detail for every project. This course will provide participants a solid foundation in the concepts, tools and techniques of construction risk management. The course draws from various perspective of the construction industry to give students a well-rounded approach to this process and an understanding of the rationale used in developing effective risk management systems.

December 11
starts in 2 months
Online learning, synchronous. With Kenneth King
Due to the nature of the issues, the topic of this course will change from term to term depending on the specific interest of faculty, or students, and according to the current issues facing the construction industry.
November 6
starts in 1 month
Online learning, synchronous. With Kenneth King

The use of project-delivery methods is rapidly changing the construction industry. Owners want projects delivered faster, at a lower cost, with higher quality, and with greater innovation. The construction process is a complex undertaking that involves many different activities and people in its planning and execution. These tasks, and the roles and responsibilities of the owner, designer, construction manager, contractor(s), subcontractor(s), vendors, and suppliers can be organized in numerous ways to deliver a construction project from concept to completion. The choice of project-delivery methods has major impact on the success of a project. This course will discuss types of project delivery, elements to consider in determining contract delivery methodology and project delivery, project delivery approach and Methodology, the construction manager selection process, and managing the project delivery process. At the end of this course, you will know what determines the right project delivery methodology for your project.

Not currently scheduled – new schedules announced each June and November.

  • An appli­ca­tion fee of $100 is required for admis­sion into the program.
  • Tuition is paid on a course-by-course basis as you reg­is­ter for your classes.
  • Cours­es are GST-exempt.
  • Some cours­es require a text­book at an addi­tion­al cost.
  • Eli­gi­ble for the Cana­da-Alber­ta Job Grant.
  • Cor­po­rate mul­ti-reg­is­tra­tion pack­ages are avail­able for most Exten­sion cours­es. Con­tact us at excorp@​ualberta.​ca for pre­ferred pricing.
  • Electronic course materials for web-enhanced courses will be available in eClass at no extra charge.

Bursaries and funding opportunities
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Canada-Alberta Job Grant 

Available for businesses in all sectors across Alberta

Two-thirds of the training costs (up to 100% if hiring an unemployed Albertan)
any time
Canada Training Benefit 

Residents of Canada, 25-65 years old, who have $10,000-150,000 in earnings for work.

income tax return
Skilled Immigrant Micro-Loan 

Whether you intend to work in the same field you trained in outside of Canada, or you wish to apply your transferable skills to a new career, this low-interest loan helps you cover the cost of education and related living expenses.

Up to $15,000 loan
Alumni Professional Development Grant 

Any alumnus of the University of Alberta

75% of course fee
monthly deadline

Employed by the University of Alberta as Non-Academic Staff (NASA)

$750 annually
Dec / Mar / Jun / Sep
Edmonton Construction Association (ECA) Award 

Students in the Construction Management & Administration Certificate program

$1,000 annually

The instruc­tors pro­vid­ed us stu­dents with insid­er infor­ma­tion about the con­struc­tion indus­try that you will nev­er receive from a textbook.

Con­struc­tion Man­age­ment and Admin­is­tra­tion Certificate student

I enjoyed learn­ing new cur­ricu­lum and meet­ing like-mind­ed stu­dents in the same field.

Construction Management & Administration Certificate student

I loved the pro­gram. Every­thing was great! The teach­ers were awe­some — so smart and personable.

Con­struc­tion Man­age­ment and Admin­is­tra­tion Certificate student

Con­struc­tion is a major part of archi­tec­ture. As an archi­tec­tur­al design­er, I found the pro­gram to be very beneficial.

Construction Management & Administration Certificate student

I enjoyed being able to net­work and talk to peo­ple who work in a sim­i­lar field to mine.

Con­struc­tion Man­age­ment and Admin­is­tra­tion Certificate student

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