Are you UAlberta NASA Staff?

Access up to $750 in learning funds

Each year, as a University of Alberta’s Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) employee, you qualify for up to $750 towards courses, workshops, seminars, in-school apprenticeship training, or programs that will:

  1. Enhance your capacity to perform work, or
  2. Prepare you for an expanded or different role.

We offer courses online

Online and Continuing Education is the University of Alberta's home of continuing and professional education:

  • We have over 300 course offerings designed for working professionals in e-learning formats: synchronous (scheduled eClass sessions) and asynchronous (no real-time sessions).

1. Find your course:

For those who choose to pursue a credential, the program application fee ($100) is waived for NASA members.

2. Apply for HRDF


For courses
which start:


Jan 1 – Mar 31
December 2
Apr 1 – Jun 30
March 1
Jul 1 – Sep 30
June 3
Oct 1 – Dec 31
September 1




Before completing the application, see details on eligibility and restrictions, and, optionally, the step-by-step instructions. If you need additional information, please speak with your HR representative or contact / 780-492-4350.

Apply for HRDF online

3. Once your HRDF is approved:

HRDF will send you a confirmation.

Your next step is to register in your Online and Continuing Education course by completing your course registration form and sending it through the Student Service Centre portal at