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Suc­cess doesn’t hap­pen by acci­dent. It doesn’t hap­pen with­out a well-planned strat­e­gy, and it doesn’t hap­pen unless that strat­e­gy is com­mu­ni­cat­ed and exe­cut­ed effectively.

Cre­at­ing busi­ness strate­gies posi­tioned for suc­cess requires not only knowl­edge and com­pre­hen­sion of the rapid­ly evolv­ing busi­ness envi­ron­ment, but a detailed plan for how to com­mu­ni­cate and imple­ment strat­e­gy through­out the entire organization.

In this series of three work­shops, learn­ers will exam­ine key con­cepts and required skills nec­es­sary to cre­ate suc­cess­ful busi­ness strate­gies for their organizations.


No prerequisites or entrance requirements.

2- and 3-day seminars

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