Renewable Energy Technologies Series

The renewable energy sector employed 11 million people worldwide in 2018, with an estimated growth of one million new jobs added every year. Take the courses in our three Renewable Energy Technologies series and position yourself for the industries that are eagerly head-hunting for workers skilled in this field.

Renewable Energy Essentials 3-course series
Enhance your resume and marketability in the clean technology job market with this program, as you learn about renewable energy, smart cities, and the...
Solar Energy Development and Design 4-course series
Understand the technology behind solar power as you acquire a foundational understanding of solar power and walk through the planning, design, and development process...
Wind Energy Development and Design 4-course series
Acquire a strong understanding of wind power technologies and walk through the planning, design, and development process required to install different wind projects. Understand..."> clip-path="url(#clip0)">

Three steps for three credentials

Our three series in Renewable Energy Technologies are closely related and intertwined, so as to offer the best results in a very short timeframe.

Students start with the Renewable Energy Essentials series, a foundational program that will provide you with valuable knowledge and a Faculty of Extension Record of Achievement.

After that, you have the opportunity to specialize in solar or wind energy—or, better yet, the two of them! If you’ve taken the essentials series, you’ll just need one additional course to obtain your credential in solar energy. That’s also the pathway for the wind energy credential: add one course to the essentials series, and you’re qualified to receive your Record of Achievement.

Taking all five courses (three in the essentials series, one in solar, and one in wind energy) also gets you ready to pursue a professional designation in the area.

As always, those interested in taking one or more individual courses without completing any series are more than welcome to do so.

Is this program for you?

The Renewable Energy Technologies series will enhance the resume and marketability in the clean technology job market for a wide range of professionals. That includes workers retraining for the sector and, among many others: 

  • Project developers, managers, investors, and business owners
  • Energy technicians, project managers, and portfolio managers
  • Industry executives
  • Civil, mechanical and electrical design engineers
  • Building developers seeking environmental designations
  • Employees of government agencies working on policy analysis
  • Regulators, auditing and marketing agencies
  • Investment firms