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Wind Energy Development and Design

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Explore different facets of wind power technology and learn about the planning, design and development of wind turbine energy projects. Gain an understanding of mechanical and technical aspects of wind power generation, including the emerging technologies in the area, and discuss the economical requirements of wind energy projects.
June 11
starts in 3 months
Online learning, synchronous. With Gabriel John, Jorge Osorio Pina

Understand key concepts related to electricity and major forms of power generation. Learn about the importance and different applications of direct and alternating current. Get an overview of conventional and alternative forms of electricity generation. Acquire foundational knowledge in conventional and renewable energy systems, as well as the most innovative applications on the market.

April 2
starts in 29 days
Online learning, asynchronous. With Gabriel John, Jorge Osorio Pina
Get a comprehensive overview of the major processes behind electricity distribution and transmission. Learn about the challenges that renewable energy systems pose to electricity grids and how they can be overcome. Walk through basic concepts in smart city design, including smart metering, energy dispatching, and IoT.
April 29
starts in 1 month
Online learning, asynchronous. With Gabriel John, Jorge Osorio Pina
Explore the material relationship between electricity generation and the natural environment. Learn about the role of carbon dioxide in relation to the greenhouse effect and the impacts of different electricity generation forms on emissions. Discuss topics such as albedo effect and energy reflection, climate change feedback loops, climate policy frameworks, Canada¿s performance relative to Paris targets, and future trajectories.
May 21
starts in 2 months
Online learning, asynchronous. With Gabriel John, Jorge Osorio Pina


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