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These part-time study courses are designed to enhance current practitioners’ skillsets
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Foundational principles help make supervisors into successful leaders. In this interactive workshop participants will develop the abilities to successfully manage themselves and others. The course will focus on examining the roles of the supervisor, strategies for motivating and managing people, and topics of navigating change, problem-solving and decision-making, as well as engaging in meaningful performance conversations. This is the recommended first course in the program.

January 12
starts in 1 month
Online learning, synchronous. With Janice Levesque - Peters

March 13
starts in 3 months
In-person (face-to-face) learning. With Janice Levesque - Peters

Communicating well is one of the most important contributors to operational success, and is critical to building relationships with people. Using experiential and reflective activities, as well as listening, questioning and non-verbal techniques, this workshop will help participants express themselves more clearly, better interpret the messages of others, manage interactions with different communication styles, and enhance their understanding of interpersonal conflict.

January 26
starts in 1 month
Online learning, synchronous. With Fern Richardson

April 3
starts in 4 months
In-person (face-to-face) learning. With Fern Richardson

Team leadership and management play important roles in team success. These roles include anticipating the future while dealing with constant change, and maximizing a diversity of strengths while respecting differences. In this workshop, participants will learn about the benefits of creating a positive team culture and what it takes to boost a team's well-being and productivity. Assessing team dynamics will guide participants in exploring the concept of team agreements, principles and shared values.

February 9
starts in 2 months
Online learning, synchronous. With Nolan Crouse

April 20
starts in 4 months
In-person (face-to-face) learning. With Nolan Crouse

People who present their ideas clearly and facilitate groups effectively are able to influence positive results for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. This workshop will help participants become impactful presenters, skilled facilitators, and effective meeting leaders. Different learning styles, experiential activities, as well as practical tools and techniques for presenting and facilitating in a variety of situations, will all be explored.

February 23
starts in 2 months
Online learning, synchronous. With David Yuk

May 4
starts in 5 months
In-person (face-to-face) learning. With David Yuk

In an economy driven by continuous innovation and change, creating a capable, motivated and resilient workforce is an important part of every supervisor's role. This workshop will introduce participants to development and management processes to recruit and retain a skilled workforce. Topics include strategies for hiring experience workers, building workforce capacity through skill development and strength recognition, and preparing for the future.

December 6
starts in 6 days
Online learning, synchronous. With Fern Richardson

March 9
starts in 3 months
Online learning, synchronous. With Nolan Crouse

May 25
starts in 5 months
In-person (face-to-face) learning. With Fern Richardson

This workshop will review and summarize the content of the Supervisory Development Citation Program and bring the entire body of knowledge together. Using case studies, group presentations and interactions, participants will have the opportunity to share the practical benefits, strategies and techniques gained through the program. Through facilitated discussion, participants will also be introduced to emerging trends and new workplace practices.

March 30
starts in 4 months
Online learning, synchronous. With Fern Richardson

A core skill set for supervisors includes being able to understand the Canadian workplace, trends around labour and management, rights of employer/employee and the responsibilities of the supervisors as they relate to their staff.

January 10
starts in 1 month
Online learning, synchronous. With David Yuk

March 20
starts in 3 months
Online learning, synchronous. With David Yuk

June 8
starts in 6 months
In-person (face-to-face) learning.

  • An appli­ca­tion fee of $100 is required for admis­sion into the program.
  • Tuition is paid on a course-by-course basis as you reg­is­ter for your classes.
  • Cours­es are GST-exempt.
  • Eli­gi­ble for the Cana­da-Alber­ta Job Grant.
  • Mate­ri­als are includ­ed in course fee.
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Canada-Alberta Job Grant 

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Residents of Canada, 25-65 years old, who have $10,000-150,000 in earnings for work.

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Skilled Immigrant Micro-Loan 

Whether you intend to work in the same field you trained in outside of Canada, or you wish to apply your transferable skills to a new career, this low-interest loan helps you cover the cost of education and related living expenses.

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$750 annually
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The infor­ma­tion and expe­ri­ence gained were very use­ful, and I real­ly enjoyed the inter­ac­tion with the instruc­tors and my classmates.

Supervisory Development Citation student