Paid Digital Marketing Tactics

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Learn how to lever­age cur­rent paid dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing tac­tics and best prac­tices to expand your reach and ulti­mate­ly increase ROI for your orga­ni­za­tion. This course will intro­duce you to the prin­ci­ples of paid tac­tics such as paid social, paid search, dis­play, remar­ket­ing, and video adver­tis­ing. Learn when to use paid tac­tics, how to cre­ate and man­age a paid dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing bud­get, how to grow your con­ver­sion rate, and how to bench­mark your expens­es and bud­get performance.


Apr 29, 2024Jun 16, 2024
Asyn­chro­nous online learning, eClass

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Ameet KhabraID: ameet-khabra

Ameet Khabra has spent the last decade figuring out why people do what they do online, what prompts them to take action, and how to use this insight to make marketing work better. Today she uses that experience to teach future generations of PPC pros at the university level and design dazzling campaign strategies to help her clients achieve faster business growth with digital ads.

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EX 1111 is offered this spring: