Welcome to Fall

COVID-19 has limited the way we move in ways we never thought possible. But our minds can still go places. Virtually, we expand horizons, grow knowledge, build connections. It’s life being played in another medium—and we think this presents endless opportunities.

For the time being, virtual is also the space where learning takes place. At Extension, we’ve been working hard to make it a great place, a place of engagement, discovery, growth, and human interaction. We want to make it your place. One that you recognize and look forward to always coming back to.

Come meet us in this virtual place of learning. Check out some of our courses, register online, and get ready to embark on a new adventure with new knowledge and skills.

We're here to help you make the most of your online learning experience: take a look below at our collection of helpful resources.

See you soon on eClass!

User-Friendly To All

We know that for some of you, online is second nature—almost as if your thoughts were set to wifi-synch with your devices. We also know that the road can be a bit bumpier for some who may (until now) have kept their distance from the digital world.

eClass, the University of Alberta eLearning management tool, is meant to cater to both of these groups. Knowing what to click or where to go next is an intuitive process within eClass. You don’t need to be a tech whiz to get learning—and if you are one, you’ll appreciate how user-friendly eClass is.

We pride ourselves on being very responsive, so if you do run into any problems at all, help is just an email away. All questions are welcome and we have a dedicated team of eLearning specialists standing by to get you the assistance you need.

Online Support For Students:

eClass Essentials
Information on how to use eClass effectively.

Learning Tips
Improve your in-class participation and study skills.

Accessibility Tools
Encountering accessibility issues? What to do to improve your learning experience.

Support Contacts & eClass FAQ
When you're having trouble with aspects of your course and need some help from someone.

Networking In the Time of COVID

Valuable professional connections can be established from the interactions that take place during a course, as well as good old-fashioned fun. Online learning presents great opportunities for networking. Here’s how to make the most out of your time online:

Be an active participant in discussion forums. Also try to weave your comments with examples drawn from your professional experience—this will help to paint a more vivid picture of who you are in your classmates’ minds.

Make a point of interacting with your classmates’ posts as well—always in a professional and courteous manner.

On camera
Whenever you’re participating in a live session, resist the temptation of turning your camera off. Being visible helps to make you more real—a person rather than a name—to your classmates and instructor.

Dress for success
On live session days, you don’t need to go overboard with a tie or a full-blown make-up, but remember that even online there is such thing as too informal.

Reaching out
Invite your newfound classmates to connect on LinkedIn—online classrooms can lead to offline professional relationships and even friendships just as easily as in-person classes do. We often hear from our students that the best part of their class was the new people they got to meet!