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Knowing how to initiate, lead, and manage successful change initiatives is valuable for leaders at all levels. Topics may include: change theories and models; change management strategies; initiating and implementing change; and organizational and individual learning associated with change experiences.

May 16
starts in 1 month
Online learning, asynchronous. With Nolan Crouse

A well-managed change helps move an organization into the "new way" quickly, with wide-acceptance by people and minimal disruption. Examine the change process and tools and techniques to manage organizational change. Through reflection on past experience, you will examine key concepts of change and how to utilize a structured method to approach, plan and sustain a change program.

May 6
starts in 20 days
Online learning, asynchronous. With David Yuk
Real Change depends on people being willing to embrace the shift to a "new way." the path may not be easy. Through examination of the elements, active leaders can determine productive ways to support their teams to achieve the necessary transition to the future state.
June 17
starts in 2 months
Online learning, asynchronous. With David Yuk


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