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Being the middlewoman

Business Analysis program helped Suzelle embark on a new career path

Mar 30, 2020 in Student Stories

Suzelle Umeobieri
Business Analyst, CAUS Project, IST, U of A
Graduate of: Business Analysis Citation (2013)

In her previous life as an administrator, Suzelle Umeobieri often felt that the software packages she depended upon to do her job were far from optimal.

Instead of responding like most of us — silently cursing the offending software — she would build mental lists of things that could be better: an extra item in this drop-down menu, a new checkbox here, a user-friendlier button there… “I’ve always liked to play around with the idea of bridging the gap between what we need as end users and what IT offers to us,” she remembers. What she didn’t know is that this gap-bridging role was actually a career path. Better yet: a career path for which you don’t necessarily need an IT background.

“The role of business analysts is to understand what the user needs so that they can convey that to the programmers. The B.A. is basically a middleman,” explains Suzelle, who now advocates for end users in her role as a B.A. “To do that, you may or may not be a programmer, but you definitely need experience in business.”

Suzelle found out about the Business Analysis Citation a few years ago and decided to give it a shot. “I loved the program, and it definitely helped me to get a job in the area,” she says. “The schedules are flexible, so it’s totally doable while you’re holding a full-time job. For example, you can choose to take a condensed class and complete a 39-hour course over two weekends. It’s brutal when you’re going through it, but it allows you to finish the program in a short amount of time.”

The flexibility of the schedules is perfect: for most classes, you can decide which works for you the best.