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Celebrating Award-Winning Remote Teaching

Congratulations to Extension’s own Denise Lo

Mar 11, 2021 in News

Congratulations to Extension’s own Denise Lo, recipient of the 2020 COVID-19 Remote Teaching Award for her outstanding work in the English Language School.

One year ago, the University of Alberta community went remote in response to COVID-19. The transition to remote teaching required extraordinary efforts from all of our professors and instructors and the many people who support them. Some were truly exceptional in what they achieved.

The 2020 COVID-19 Remote Teaching Awards recipients have been leaders throughout this significant adjustment. They stand out for their deep commitment to creating accessible, engaging, and well-organized learning environments during the pandemic. Despite challenges, they built strong relationships with and among their students. They showed remarkable compassion and flexibility—qualities which benefited those they worked with, and which rippled through their teaching and learning communities.

Congratulations to the highly-deserving recipients of the Remote Teaching Awards. Click here to view the full list.