New Student Checklist

You need to know about:

Your Campus Computing ID
Access your registration confirmation
Get familiar with Bear Tracks: your online student account
Track your university correspondence at your email
See you in class at Enterprise Square (10230-Jasper avenue) or online (eClass) 

Good to know:

Bringing your own laptop to class
Optional: access UAlberta libraries online resources before and after your course takes place
Optional: get a ONEcard and access UAlberta libraries, and sport facilities
Optional: look into your Career Services resources
Review our policies
Policies and Forms

Your Campus Computing ID

Your CCID is your main portal to accessing an abundance of campus resources. Created using a combination of your first and last name, your CCID provides access to applications like Bear Tracks, Email & Apps, and more.

You will receive your Campus Computing ID (CCID) via email within 3-5 days of registration.

Your Registration Confirmation

Your course Fee Assessment contains your class information: dates, textbook details, classroom location (note that not all courses take place at Enterprise Square), and receipt of payment. You will be able to access it through your student account on Bear Tracks (Financials > Fee Assessment > select the term and the course) once you receive your Campus Computing ID (CCID) via email.

For classes located in Enterprise Square, our classrooms are located on the lower level (L-001 to L-326) and on the second floor (2-167 to 2-670).

Bear Tracks

Bear Tracks is the University of Alberta’s online service that provides students, applicants, employees, and instructors access to their personal information in a safe and secure manner. This includes financial information, class fee assessments/confirmations, tuition tax receipts, grades, and allows you to update your personal information.

Please see the user guide and additional resources.

Access Bear Tracks

University Email Correspondence

We use the email account to communicate important information and notices about your studies. 

You will be automatically assigned a email account as soon as you register in your first course at Online and Continuing Education.

All administrative communications will be sent to your email, including:  
  • registration confirmation 
  • coursework communication and messages from instructors 
  • grade notifications (if you have set the notification function in Bear Tracks) 
  • other important news and announcements about your program and classes

eClass Orientation

Online and Continuing Education learners in fully online or blended courses use eClass, the University of Alberta’s eLearning management tool, to access their course content and connect with fellow learners and instructors.

If you are new to online learning, please consider participating in the eClass Essentials.

Additional information can be found on the Learning Engagement Office (LEO) Website.

Bring Your Own Device

Online and Continuing Education's new Open Doors classroom space (2nd floor Enterprise Square) is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) enabled. BYOD means that you can bring your own portable technology (laptop, netbook, tablet, or smartphone) and connect to the internet via the campus WiFi.

BYOD will enable you to use your own device to conduct research, take notes, and pursue topics that are part of your courses. Using your own device means working with a familiar device and one you can continue working on once at home or at work. You will also be able to collaborate with fellow students outside our learning spaces.

Campus WiFi
  • network name: ‘UWS’
  • log in with your CCID and password
Charging Your Devices

It is best to come with your device fully charged. If your device needs charging, there are numerous electrical outlets within the corridors of the Open Doors central areas, including USB outlets, distributed throughout the student spaces. Remember to bring your power cord.

You can charge your device before class, at lunch, or during breaks. Please do not leave devices unattended at any time.

Safety is a priority at the University of Alberta. Phones left on the floor or power cords hanging from tables are tripping hazards, so charging will not be allowed during class time.

Some of our courses are computer assisted

These courses include computer-based activities, and you may need to download software in advance of the course start date to maximize your learning. If you plan on using your own device, ensure that the course-required software is loaded and your device is charged before coming to class.

Access online learning resources

Most Online and Continuing Education courses allow you to access all online resources of the University of Alberta Libraries for an extended period that starts two weeks before the official course start date and ends two weeks after the course end date.

The library’s electronic resources include a wide range of electronic journals, e-books, databases, and other online resources. Use them to get ready for your classes, to help support your studies, and to go deeper after the course has ended.

How to get the most out of your access
  1. To find a resource, go to University of Alberta Libraries and use any of the available search boxes.
  2. Once you locate an item you want to access, click on it—you’ll then be asked for your CCID and password.
  3. Don’t have a specific publication in mind? You may want to search through the library’s Google Scholar login. Enter your CCID/password and then search with keywords as you’d do on Google. If the library has a subscription for the item you want, the link for the full article will be displayed on the right side of the page.
  4. Having trouble with access? Talk to a librarian through their chat service, available most weekdays until 8:30 pm and for limited hours during the weekend.

ONEcard for access to campus services

ONEcard is available to students who are enrolled in a program (optional; fee applies)

Career Services

Students admitted to a program have access to: