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Unofficial transcript

An Unofficial Transcript reflects your academic record at the point that you request it. It cannot be used as an Official Transcript as it does not bear the Registrar's signature, nor is it printed on security paper.

Students are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their official record by verifying their Unofficial Transcript. Queries regarding errors or omissions in the official academic history (transcript) must be made as soon as possible.

Note: If you attended Online and Continuing Education courses prior to January 1, 2011, your Unofficial Transcript may be incomplete due to a change in our student record database.

How to access

In Bear Tracks as a downloadable PDF file:

  1. log into Bear Tracks
  2. expand the 'Academics' menu
  3. select 'Transcript'
  4. change the report type to “Continuing Education Unofficial”

  • Current Students
    Available through Bear Tracks.

  • Former Students
    Available through Bear Tracks if you started attending January 1, 2011 or after and have continually maintained your online access.

    Otherwise you will need to request an official transcript via paper/PDF form or in person.

Official transcript

There is no charge to obtain your Official Transcript. If you require transcripts by a given deadline, please remember to allow time for postal delivery and submit your request in advance.

Official Transcripts and other forms of certification are released only after any outstanding accounts with any department at the University of Alberta have been settled. For information on clearing your outstanding accounts, please refer to Clearing Holds on your Records or contact the Student Service Centre.

If you require your Official Transcripts in separate, sealed envelopes for a third party, please include this in your mailing instructions. The envelope may only be opened by the third party and will be rendered invalid if opened by the student.

How to order

  • through Bear Tracks
    Log into Bear Tracks, expand the 'Academics' menu, select 'Transcript’, then change the report type to “Continuing Education Official”. Normally fulfilled within 3-5 business days. If you no longer have access to Bear Tracks, see other options below.

  • via paper/PDF form
    Complete the Transcript Request Form (PDF) and submit it via Form Submission Page.

  • in person
    You can also request your transcripts in person, at the Student Service Centre in the Administration Building on North Campus.