Faculty of Extension

Graduation 2021

It wasn’t easy

to power through
the fury of these times.

And yet, here you are

parchment in tow
proud and ready.


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Some of your instructors wished to express their thoughts in writing. Here you’ll find a collection of congratulations messages to brighten your special day.

To the graduates: I hope that you will go on pursuing your passion for art and continue to cultivate your creativity and imagination. Be courageous and adventurous in your creative process, making new things, revisiting the old, and combining ideas to create something uniquely your own. If you practice “creating beauty” in all that you do, you will definitely make a positive impact in the world around you. Amy Loewan Visual Arts instructor

The Sustainable Communities 2021 class persevered despite the pandemic that amplified the importance of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Hats off! Evalyna Bogdan NACLAA instructor

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary people. Congratulations on the successful completion of the program. It was a pleasure for me to go on the journey with you. Never stop learning. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Fern Richardson Supervisory Development instructor

Congratulations on this great achievement to the students that were in my courses. It was an honour and privilege to have been part of your learning journey. All the very best to you and wishing you much success. Frank Saccucci Management Development instructor

In a year unlike any other, you have shown perseverance and you have achieved your goals—be proud of yourself! Congratulations to the Social Media Certificate class. You deserve your success! Jessica Laccetti Social Media instructor

Congratulations! You made it! You’ve worked hard and, if I did my job properly, you’re much more aware of how to take on governments and corporations who are infringing your privacy rights. You have completed the finest access to information and privacy rights program in the country and are fully equipped to take your place working in these fields. You should be proud of yourself. Larry IAPP instructor

To participants who have completed any programs through the Faculty of Extension, you are to be congratulated for doing so during such challenging times. To the participants who I had the pleasure of serving, I thank you for choosing the University of Alberta and for choosing the course and program that I have been provided with the opportunity to deliver. Congratulations to all of you. Nolan Crouse Leadership instructor

Thank you to all of the graduates. You make the courses come alive through your observations, questions, and the support you provide one another. As an instructor, I learn an incredible amount from you, and for that I am extremely grateful. I know that many of you had to juggle family and full-time work while completing your program. That’s impressive! Congratulations and all the best in your future endeavours! Robert Roach NACLAA instructor

Congratulations to all graduates of the Construction Management and Administration Certificate. It has been a true pleasure to have met most of you during your journey. I wish you all the success in everything you choose to do. Phil Perry Construction Management and Administration instructor

To the 2021 graduates of the Residential Interiors program: Congratulations and all the best! Noreen Chibuk Residential Interiors instructor

The courses in the IAPP program are not “bird courses,” as we called some back in the day (way, way back). They’re quasi-legal courses. The reading materials are thick and complex, and the assignments are marked with high expectations. Yet with perseverance and determination—despite a world pandemic—success is at hand. Congratulations. Take a bow, and be proud. Sandy Mulloy IAPP instructor

In Their Own Words

We asked our grads to tell it all—and they delivered! Check out our graduate profiles for a snapshot of their experiences, plans for the near future, and advice for incoming students. Click a number to see the responses:

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Award-Winning Grads

They went above and beyond, and their hard work didn’t go unnoticed.

ADOA Achievement Award

To: Kyla Oatway

Applied Land Use Planning Certificate

Presented by: Jordan Ruegg, Vice President, Alberta Development Officers Association

The Alberta Development Officers Association would like to extend its congratulations to Kyla Oatway, this year’s winner of the ADOA Achievement Award, which includes a free one-year ADOA membership and free registration to the 2021 ADOA conference.

Thank you to the Alberta Development Officers Association (ADOA) for supporting the Applied Land Use Planning (ALUP) Certificate program. I am grateful to be the recipient of this year’s achievement award. I also want to say a thank you to my husband and my children, for all their support during my studies.

I began the ALUP program in the fall of 2019. Initially, I had planned to have it completed within a year, following a solid plan of the courses I wanted to take. I didn’t anticipate, however, that I’d have to deal with a global pandemic and all the challenges that would be presented to me as a student, an employee, and a parent.

COVID-19 meant that I had to alter some of my plans. But I found that this program—with all the thinking and the various perspectives I have been exposed to—has become a source of hope for me, as I envision all the possibilities that come with various land uses.

As someone who works in healthcare, I know firsthand how we are all bound by our bodies and how much the land impacts our ability to survive and thrive on this planet. I’m not sure what my next step will be, but this program has sparked a new curiosity in me. I am committed to keep learning about land use, working to collectively build strong, sustainable, vibrant, and healthy communities.

Congratulations to all the graduates of the 2021 Applied Land Use Planning Certificate program: it has been well earned!

Calytera Systems IAPP Award

To: Leonardo Pena Skinner and Mathieu St-Germain

Information Access and Protection of Privacy Certificate

Presented by: IAPP Program Office, University of Alberta (on behalf of Calytera Systems)

The Calytera Systems IAPP Award is presented to Information Access and Protection of Privacy (IAPP) Certificate graduating students who completed the five required courses in the program with superior academic achievement.

This year's recipients of this award, Leonardo Pena Skinner and Mathieu St-Germain, could not have done better, as they have achieved the highest possible grade point average of 4.00. On behalf of Calytera Systems, we congratulate this year's winners on this extraordinary accomplishment.

Congratulations to all the IAPP program graduates!

I would like to also extend a special thank you to Calytera Systems Inc. for supporting us—IAPP program students—in pursuing this rapidly expanding and important field.

—Leonardo Pena Skinner

I am honoured to receive this recognition offered in support of the information access community.

Participating in the IAPP Certificate program has been a rewarding and humbling experience.

Rewarding, in that it provided me with the concrete knowledge gained through a comprehensive learning curriculum and the support of high-quality instructors.

Humbling, in that it made me abandon the pre-conceived notions of access and privacy I had coming into the program. It was a real eye-opener—thank you!

—Mathieu St-Germain

SLGM Achievement Award

To: Joseph Hutter

National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration, Level II

Presented by: Linda Davies, Executive Director, Society of Local Government Managers of Alberta

The Society of Local Government Managers of Alberta Achievement Award recognizes Joseph Hutter for attaining the highest grade point average in the National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration, Level II.

Congratulations on your outstanding success!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Society of Local Government Managers for their generous award.

I couldn't have done it without the dedicated NACLAA instructors and administrative staff.

Congratulations to all graduates on their achievement, and best of luck in the future.

HSCSA Achievement Award

To: Beth Espey

Occupational Health and Safety Certificate

Presented by: Michelle Spacil, President, Health and Safety Conference Society of Alberta

Congratulations, Beth Espey, on your achievement. The Health and Safety Conference Society of Alberta is pleased to acknowledge your academic success as this year’s award recipient. Thank you for choosing the University of Alberta's OHS Program, a premier program in Western Canada, to focus your studies in occupational health and safety.

Now more than ever before, government and industry are focused on the wellness of workers and the safety of our workplaces. We are proud to support your development as a safety professional and wish you much success in both your studies and your career.

I would like to thank the Health & Safety Conference Society of Alberta (HSCSA) for this award. I also want to acknowledge their work in advancing new thought and action around workplace health, safety, and environment.

The completion of the University of Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Certificate has been an amazing opportunity for me to grow as a health and safety professional. I plan to continue with this development by pursuing my Canadian Registered Safety Professional designation.

I would like to thank my company—the Calgary Food Bank—and specifically my manager, Dorothy Praglowski, as well as my husband and kids for their support while I completed this certificate.

ACFA 50th Anniversary Scholarship and ACFA Chairman’s Scholarship

To: Emma Louise Chong and Erin Stevensen

National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration, Level I

Presented by: NACLAA Program Office, University of Alberta (on behalf of the Alberta Capital Finance Authority)

ACFA’s 50th Anniversary Scholarship and Chairman’s Scholarships recognize NACLAA Level I students who graduated from or have completed at least four courses in the program. Both scholarships are awarded to students based on superior academic achievement.

This years’ scholarship recipients, Emma Louise Chong and Erin Stevensen, show us how achieving academic excellence can go hand in hand with pursuing a career and engaging in professional development.

On behalf of the ACFA Corporation, we congratulate Emma Louise Chong and Erin Stevensen on their exceptional achievements.

My deepest gratitude to the Alberta Capital Finance Authority for this generous gift.

To my family, our program instructors, and my colleagues at the City of Edmonton, thank you for supporting, encouraging, and inspiring me throughout my learning journey.

—Emma Chong

CIM | Chartered Managers Canada Award

To: Marianne Quimpere

Management Development Certificate

Presented by: Rutendo Grace Dube, Chair, CIM | Chartered Managers Canada, Northern Alberta & Northwest Territories Chapter

The CIM | Chartered Managers Canada Award is presented to the graduating student with the highest grade point average in the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta's Management Development Certificate program.

Congratulations to the 2021 recipient, Marianne Quimpere.

Edmonton Construction Association (ECA) Award

To: Mandy Moore and Dan Tapoveti

Construction Management and Administration Certificate

Presented by: Taylor Lewis, Edmonton Construction Association

The Edmonton Construction Association supports young leaders and encourages the growth of the construction industry. Each year, the Edmonton Construction Association is pleased to present an award of $1,000 to the student in the Construction Management and Administration Certificate program who graduates with the highest GPA.

This year, we were tied between two students for the award—and we are thrilled to be presenting this award to both of them. Mandy Moore and Dan Tapoveti, congratulations on your dedication and all your hard work.

The Edmonton Construction Association looks forward to our continued partnership with the University of Alberta’s Construction Management and Administration Certificate program.

I want to thank the Edmonton Construction Association for providing the ECA Construction Association Award. The ECA’s support of the Construction & Administration Program at U of A is an important bond that unites the academic, professional and contracting worlds. Strengthening this relationship, on all fronts, is important to better our industry as a whole. The program provides excellent insight and methods to ensure project success for all contract sizes and types, and I can attest to the sheer quantity of knowledge I’ve learned from the great instruction team. Phil, Bruce, Larry and Ken each added a different personality to the distance learning environment and made classes fun and enjoyable.

With the knowledge and professional development garnered from this certificate program, I have personally taken the step from a Crown corporation Owner’s Representative in Construction Contract Administration to a Team Leader of Construction Services at the same Crown corporation. This certificate program has developed my ability to ensure fair negotiations and change orders by minimizing disputes from the tender to contract completion.

Congratulations to my fellow Construction Administration graduates, I hope to cross paths professionally one day!

—Mandy Moore

Thank you to the Edmonton Construction Association for selecting me for their generous scholarship award. This is one of the most significant events of my continuing professional development path.

Working in the construction industry for many years, I have enjoyed being involved in the growth of utilities, oil, and gas industries around the country. The new knowledge and skills I have gained during the Construction Management and Administration Certificate from the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension will help me become more effective and efficient in my work. I am honoured to graduate from one of the best construction management programs in Canada, and I consider myself fortunate to be able to be a part of it.

My educational accomplishment would not be possible without the professional support from the great team of course instructors, program administrators, and my employer, EPCOR, which supported this learning in the workplace. Thank you again for this opportunity!

—Dan Tapoveti

In Memoriam

Information Access and Protection of Privacy Certificate

Stephen Greenhalgh was a student of mine for two courses—Privacy In a Liberal Democracy and Privacy Applications: Issues and Practices. He was an excellent student with a keen and inquiring mind, taking an active part in the discussions in both courses.

Stephen’s passion for lifelong learning led him to enroll in the Information Access and Privacy Protection certificate program at the University of Alberta. His interest for privacy issues, though, began long before taking my two privacy courses.

While I didn’t know it when he was in my classes, Stephen had, in 2003, greatly contributed to the growing debate over the worldwide use of Closed Circuit Television. His “Literature Review on Issues of Privacy and Surveillance Affecting Social Behaviour,” written for the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta, was a seminal piece of research in the field.

In writing the curriculum for my two privacy courses, I included his work in the materials without knowing that one day he would be in my classes. Stephen was modest enough that he never mentioned that he was “the” Stephen Greenhalgh referred to in the materials.

When we lost Stephen, we lost a future bright light in the privacy field.

—Larry, instructor, IAPP program