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Grading, GPA, and Appeals

Assessment and Grading Policy

Assessment is an integral part of the University’s core mission of teaching and learning. It is undertaken in a formative manner to provide feedback to students and in summative form to measure the level of student achievement. Through the assignment of grades by instructors, in the exercise of their judgment, assessment serves as the means whereby the level of student knowledge and achievement is communicated to a variety of stakeholders in the broader world including prospective employers, other academic institutions and accrediting bodies.

Policies document

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation

The Online and Continuing Education GPA is calculated based on Continuing & Professional Education programs, and not graduate/undergraduate term classes. Note: currently failing grades are not included in these calculations.

Evaluation Procedures and Grading System

▸ see section 4. "Assigning Grades for Grade Point Values"

Grade Appeals

Online and Continuing Education has developed a set of procedures for learners who wish to appeal an academic decision relating to a final grade on a final project, or final examination received in a course or who wish to have a final examination or project reappraisal. These procedures apply to all students.

The Faculty will not act when there are insufficient grounds for an appeal or reappraisal. The following do not constitute grounds for an appeal or reappraisal:

  • disagreement with or disliking the instructor’s marking scheme,
  • disagreement with or coming close to the cut-off point for a higher grade, and
  • disagreement with the instructor’s judgment of the quality of submitted work.

Only the following may constitute grounds for an appeal or reappraisal:

  • errors in calculating mark or grade,
  • procedural errors,
  • failure to consider all relevant factors
  • bias or discrimination, and
  • lack of adherence to the content as stated in the course syllabus