For students who are currently in the UAlberta Bridging Program

Bridging Program

The information on this page is for current Bridging Program students.

If you are a prospective student looking for information on the Bridging Program and application procedures, please visit University of Alberta International.

"We have recently completed EAP 145"

UAlberta Bridging Program stages

Apply Here
Stage 1 EAP 135
Stage 2 EAP 140
+ EAP 145
+ up to two academic courses

you have an option to take one UAlberta academic course in Fall term, and one in Winter term.

Economics (ECON)
English (ENGL)
Writing Studies (WRS)
Any language course

Stage 3

Continue as a UAlberta undergraduate degree student

You are also eligible to enroll into "BP3 sections" of select UAlberta undergraduate courses.

These sections are similar to other sections of the same course but with added benefits:

  • – Smaller class size
  • – Instructors who understand international students’ needs
  • – In-class tutor/assistant

You have 12 months to complete all of the Bridging Program requirements.

Focuses on the development of language fluency and accuracy and on building the necessary vocabulary for further studies. Listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills are emphasized by engaging students in a variety of academic activities.

This course, which precedes EAP 140, will enable students to lay the foundations for successful academic writing. Students will be introduced to language learning strategies and will develop study skills that are crucial to their success in an English-language University.

Focuses on beginning to develop the language skills necessary to interact within a university setting. This is done by building listening, reading, writing, and speaking vocabulary and comprehension, while emphasizing language accuracy as the primary focus for all second-language learners. Students will be introduced to some basic reading and writing strategies, and will start to put into practice the study skills which will help them to succeed in a North American setting.

Continues to build and polish the language skills necessary to succeed in a Canadian university. In this course, the research and library skills introduced in EAP 140 are further developed, emphasizing academic methods of integrating source materials into an argument. Skills for critical thinking and argument building will also be emphasized throughout.

At the completion of EAP 145, students will have acquired the language skills and understanding of the North American academic system necessary for them to continue their studies with confidence.

'BP3' sections

Listed below are the UAlberta courses that offer BP3 sections:

These sections are 100-level (first year) credit courses open exclusively to BP students after they successfully complete BP Stage 2. They are similar to other sections of the same course but with added benefits:

  • Smaller class size
  • Instructors who understand international students’ needs
  • In-class tutor/assistant

You can enroll in BP3 sections on Bear Tracks. Contact the BP Advisor by e-mail at bpadvisor@ualberta.ca with any questions about the sections or registration.

On the first day of class, you should go to the ELS Office and confirm your class location prior to attending.

Fall 2021
WRS 101 52314 online
WRS 101 52316 in-person
WRS 101 52318 in-person
WRS 101 52320 in-person
Winter 2022
WRS 101
62424 B1
WRS 101
62426 B2
WRS 101
62428 B3
WRS 101 62430 B4
WRS 101 62432 B5
ENGL 102 76434 852
ENGL 102 76436 854
Fall 2022
WRS 101 35169 A1
WRS 101 35170 A2
WRS 101 35171 A3
WRS 101 35172 A4
EAP 135, EAP 140, and EAP 145 registration

The cost for EAP classes is the same for domestic students as it is for international students – there is no fee differential.

You can pay for EAP courses on Bear Tracks after you are enrolled. Information on payment can be found on the Student Tuition Payment Options page in the Financial Services web site. Information on deadlines can be found on the Registration Dates and Deadlines page in the Office of the Registrar website.

New students After you have been given admission to the Bridging Program (BP) on your Beartracks, you should first accept the offer online. The BP Advisor will contact you with instructions on how to register. All correspondence will be sent to your UAlberta e-mail account.
Returning students You can sign up for your subsequent EAP course at the end of each term. The BP staff will provide you with more information in class at the end of the term.
BP3 sections registration

Please ensure that the academic course schedule is not in conflict with your EAP class (EAP class schedule cannot be changed). As a BP student, your priority is the completion of your EAP classes and you will need build your schedule around your EAP classes. If you are having trouble finding a course that works, please contact your faculty directly for advice.

Stage 1 students You are not eligible to enroll in BP3 classes until you complete Stage 1.
Stage 2 students While you are not eligible to take BP3 classes in Stage 2, you are eligible to enroll in BP3 classes for future terms on Bear Tracks. For example, if you are in Stage 2 in September, you can enroll in BP3 classes for the Winter term or any subsequent terms.
Stage 3 (BPCM) students You can enroll in BP3 classes on Bear Tracks.

You will be able to pay your course tuition on Bear Tracks once you register in courses.

For information on the University of Alberta undergraduate program policies, please visit the University of Alberta Calendar.

Arrival and Registration

Students who arrive a week after the first day of class may not be permitted to join class.

Change of Registration

The English Language School will only transfer registration to the next term if there is a legitimate reason (medical, personal emergency, study permit problems and so on).

If you request your registration be transferred to a different term before courses begin, there is a $75 transfer fee. You must bring your receipt of payment to the ELS Student Engagement Centre (Room L 300 Enterprise Square) during normal office hours and provide a reason for transferring to the next term. Transfers will not be allowed after classes have started.


In order to withdraw from class, you need to complete a withdrawal form at the ELS Student Engagement Centre. If you withdraw before the first day of class, you will receive a refund minus $500 (withdrawal fee). If you withdraw on or after the first day of class, you will not receive a refund.

If you withdraw from a course before the withdrawal deadline, a grade of W (withdrew) will appear on your transcript. If you withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline, a grade of NC (failure, no grade point value assigned) will appear on your transcript.

Withdrawal Deadlines
Program term
Withdrawal deadline
January - February February 12
March - April April 9
May - June June 2
July - August August 4

Authorized Leave

International Students attending the University of Alberta English Language School and holding full-time student visas are permitted to request a short “leave” from their program of study. Students may request medical leave, maternity leave, or personal leave to return temporarily to their home country.

Authorized leave from ELS should normally be scheduled after completing a regular term of study. In order to properly notified Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and to ensure continuity of student visas, it is important to note the following:

  • For a planned authorized leave (returning home for vacation), students must submit an "Authorized Leave Form" to ELS administration at least 2 weeks before their planned departure date.
  • Unplanned emergency leave requests (returning home for urgent medical procedure) should be accompanied by supporting documentation and will be expedited.
You are not allowed to attempt the Bridging Program more than once.

Leaving the Bridging Program before completion

You cannot use any official test scores that UAlberta accepts (IELTS) after the document deadline, or while you are in BP (e.g. in the middle of a term taking EAP).

If you want to submit an IELTS score instead of completing EAP 145 while you are in BP, you will have to withdraw from BP, submit a new application, and meet all the criteria for admission.

You are not allowed to attempt the Bridging Program more than once (i.e. you cannot withdraw from and apply to BP again). If you are struggling with your studies, please see the ELS staff for advice and assistance.

Submitting transcripts of EAP classes to the University of Alberta

The BP staff will update your status in Bear Tracks – we will submit a transcript of all the EAP classes you've taken while you were admitted into the BP program.

However, if you have done a portion of the EAP coursework as a non-BP student, you are required to submit a transcript for that portion. For example, if you took EAP 140 as a non-BP student and EAP 145 as a BP student, you need to submit a transcript of your EAP 140 class to the University.