Continuing Education

New: Three New Technology Programs

Just Launched

This summer, the Faculty of Extension is bringing you three new part-time, fully online programs to provide you with the digital skills needed for the most in-demand occupations in Alberta and Canada: the Full-Stack Web Development diploma, the UX/UI Design certificate, and the Digital Marketing certificate. Program applications will be accepted from July 1st and course registration for certain courses is available now (more to come later this summer).

An Accelerating Demand for Digital Roles

The Information and Communication Technology Council of Canada (ICTC) indicates that there is “an accelerating demand for digital roles in Alberta.” Digital occupations have been growing at a rate that far outpaces the growth in other areas; even taking into account the markedly contracted economy brought by the pandemic, the ICTC estimates that 

total employment in key digital roles is expected to reach nearly 74,000 by 2023. In a 2019 report, ICTC identified UX/UI designer as the third most in-demand digital job in Alberta; full-stack developer came right after, in the fourth place.

The Programs

Full-Stack Web Development Diploma

The Full-Stack Web Development diploma is offered as a partnership between the Faculty of Extension and the University of Alberta’s Technology Training Centre (TTC). Aimed at learners looking to get into the field of web development, stay relevant in a current position, or upskill, this program will be particularly relevant to those wanting to learn programming, build software, and create websites.

Program Structure: 

8 core courses
+ 8 required courses    choose a stream: C# or Python
+ minimum 80 hours of electives

Duration: 2-3 years of part-time study

Program page »

  • core Web Development Foundations
  • core HTML5 Fundamentals
  • core Design for Developers
  • core CSS3 Fundamentals
  • core JavaScript Fundamentals
  • core JavaScript Level II
  • core SQL Fundamentals
  • core Web Development Capstone Project
  • C# stream React Fundamentals
  • C# stream React with Redux
  • C# stream C# Fundamentals
  • C# stream C# Level II
  • C# stream C# Level III
  • C# stream .NET Core MVC
  • C# stream .NET Core Web API
  • C# stream .NET Core Web API with React
  • Python stream React Fundamentals React with Redux
  • Python stream Python Fundamentals
  • Python stream Python Level II
  • Python stream Python Level III
  • Python stream Django
  • Python stream Django API
  • Python stream Django API with React
  • elective Fundamentals of UI Design
  • elective Visual Design for UI
  • elective Code for Designers
  • elective Digital Accessibility
  • elective Java Fundamentals
  • elective Android Development Fundamentals
  • elective WordPress: Themes & Plugins
  • elective WordPress: Gutenberg Blocks
  • elective Angular Fundamentals
  • elective Angular with RxJS
  • elective Ruby Fundamentals
  • elective Ruby on Rails

UX/UI Design Certificate

The UX/UI Design certificate teaches participants the foundations of both User Experience and User Interface design, how to approach problems from a user-centred perspective, and how to conduct user research to best guide the design process. A special capstone project integrates previous learning, applies theory and method, and stretches the learners’ generative and creative abilities.

Program Structure:
5 core courses
+ 4 electives

Duration: 1-2 years of part-time study

Program page »

  • core Fundamentals of UX Design 
  • core Fundamentals of UI Design 
  • core Visual Design for UI
  • core User Research Fundamentals 
  • core UX/UI Capstone Project
  • elective Generative User Experience Research 
  • elective Evaluative User Experience Research 
  • elective Content Design
  • elective Code for Designers
  • elective Digital Accessibility
  • elective Agile Principles and Practices
  • elective Web Development Foundations
  • elective HTML5 Fundamentals
  • elective Intellectual Property & Copyright
  • elective Leading Teams
  • elective Analyzing Processes, Information, and People

Digital Marketing Certificate

The Digital Marketing certificate provides key skills to learners looking to better understand the field of digital marketing, develop meaningful content, conduct analytics to evaluate campaigns, and learn how to make the most of organic and paid tactics to best reach their target audience.

Program Structure:
5 core courses
+ 3 electives

Duration: 1-2 years of part-time study

Program page »

  • core Digital Marketing Fundamentals 
  • core Analytics & Reporting for Social Media 
  • core Organic Digital Marketing Tactics
  • core Paid Digital Marketing Tactics
  • core Digital Marketing Capstone Project
  • elective Content Marketing for Digital Media 
  • elective Integrated Social Media Marketing Strategy 
  • elective Online Sales & Mobile Marketing
  • elective Risk Management & Crisis Response 
  • elective Intellectual Property & Copyright