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Renewable Energy Technologies Certificate

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Applied Geostatistics Citation
This citation is designed to provide geoscientists, as well as mining and petroleum engineers, with knowledge and skills that will allow them to better...
Environmental Remediation Certificate
This certificate will provide environmental professionals with specialized knowledge in the management of contaminated sites.
Environmental Sciences collection
Program Update December 2019: in response to changing industry needs and stakeholder feedback, we are pleased to announce that the Environmental Resource Management certificate...
Land Reclamation Certificate
Environmental professionals working with land resources and reclamation projects will benefit from this program. These courses are recognized by the Alberta Institute of Agrologists...
Renewable Energy Essentials Series
Enhance your resume and marketability in the clean technology job market with this program, as you learn about renewable energy, smart cities, and the...
Renewable Energy Technologies Certificate
The Renewable Energy Technologies Certificate aims to fill the shortage for knowledgeable and skilled professionals for the growing sector of clean energy. 
Soil Science Certificate
This certificate covers topics related to the solid and liquid phases of soils, reactive chemical constituents, fertility and plant growth, as well as soil...
Solar Energy Development and Design Series
Understand the technology behind solar power as you acquire a foundational understanding of solar power and walk through the planning, design, and development process...
Water Resource Management Certificate
This certificate provides specialized training to increase your professional capacity of managing the aquatic resources in our environment. This program offers hands-on applications with...
Wind Energy Development and Design Series
Acquire a strong understanding of wind power technologies and walk through the planning, design, and development process required to install different wind projects. Understand...