Visual Design for UI

    EXSM 3922 is offered this fall:

Visu­al design is a field that has emerged by blend­ing the prin­ci­ples of both user inter­face design and graph­ic design. Learn how to use key design prin­ci­ples such as imagery, colour, typog­ra­phy, and form to enhance usabil­i­ty and improve user expe­ri­ence. You will learn to ana­lyze and con­struct graphic/​visual design using con­cep­tu­al and tech­ni­cal approach­es appro­pri­ate to client and tar­get audi­ence. Apply this knowl­edge to a hands-on project that inte­grates UI and the prin­ci­ples of graph­ic design. Pre­req­ui­site EXSM 3921 and Coreq­ui­site EXSM 3923


Oct 25, 2021Dec 12, 2021
Asyn­chro­nous online learning, eClass

21 hours of instruction

In asynchronous online courses, students are expected to move through the course material at the same pace as their peers, but there are no real-time virtual classroom sessions to attend. All components of this type of course are accessible through eClass, the University of Alberta’s eLearning management tool. for­mat details

Alexandria Keays

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Alexandria KeaysID: alexandria-keays

Alex Keays is a designer based in Edmonton/amiskwaciywâskahikan. In 2014, she completed an MA with distinction in Design: Critical Practice, at Goldsmiths, University of London. Alex has been teaching courses at the University of Alberta in the Department of Art and Design since 2015.

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EXSM 3922 is offered this fall: