UI Design Foundations

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The user inter­face (UI) is the point where your users inter­act with your website/​app. In this course, you’ll learn the fun­da­men­tals of UI design. You will learn the UI design process includ­ing sto­ry­telling, sketch­ing, and pro­to­typ­ing, and how the user expe­ri­ences these on the front end. Under­stand how data visu­al­iza­tion and web design, impacts brand­ing, visu­al iden­ti­ty, and acces­si­bil­i­ty. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to artic­u­late the design process and how this influ­ences the user experience.
What you will learn

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Create and test prototypes to improve their design.
  • Select basic colour palettes, fonts, and royalty-free images.
  • Learn to craft UI elements like scale, emphasis, organization, motion, and colour.
  • Design using mobile-first principles and explore best practices for solving design problems.
  • Create user interfaces that are not only functional, but visually appealing and accessibility compliant.
  • Apply knowledge of accessibility principles like colour contrast, font size, and organization of visual content.
  • Understand the fundamentals of web page anatomy, such as bread crumbs, F scanning patterns, and error states.
  • Create a basic style guide and pattern library.
  • Create an effective portfolio of UI design work by utilizing different apps.
  • Communicate the details of your design to the developers who will be building it.
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Jul 5, 2021Aug 22, 2021
Asyn­chro­nous online learning, eClass

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Your Instructor

Najia AftabID: najia-aftab

Najia Aftab is an instructor and project management professional with more than a decade of experience in software engineering, interface design, Instructional design, and Agile principles and practices in technology, postsecondary-education, and non-governmental organizations.

Her UX/UI design expertise includes user research and evaluation as well as prototyping.

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EX 1111 is offered this summer: