Psychological Health and Safety

Psychological health and safety (PH&S) is becoming an integral part of Canadian workplaces as employers begin to recognize its financial, legal, and social benefits. This seminar will provide an understanding of the conceptual framework, the business case, resources, strategic approaches and practical tools available. Managers, HR, and OHS professionals will learn to assess, design and implement effective PH&S strategies. Topics may include psychosocial factors, stress, mental illness, harassment, and bullying in the workplace.
Course at a glance
  • Offered fully online learning - asynchronous or synchronous format.
What you will learn

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Provide an overview of psychological health and safety in the workplace and how it relates to the 13 psychosocial factors
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the conceptual framework related to psychological health and safety
  • Recognize interrelated concepts and strategic approaches relating to stress, mental illness, harassment, bullying and other key other factors that influence a work environment
  • Be able to access and utilize practical tools for assessment and strategy implementation such as the CSA Z1003 Standard, Guarding Minds at Work and Healthy Workplaces for Helping Professionals

This course has no prerequisites

Students from all educational backgrounds welcome. You can register for this course without applying and enrolling in a program.

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  • Important Note: Students do not need to purchase the textbook for this course. If you do not already own this textbook, PDFs of required reading material will be provided in eClass. Dyck, Dianne E. G. (2023).Occupational Health & Safety: Theory, Strategy & Industry Practice (5th Edition). LexisNexis Canada. ISBN/ISSN: 9780433526742
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