Fatigue Risk Management

Human Fatigue is rec­og­nized as being one of the pri­ma­ry caus­es of acci­dents in the indus­tri­al sec­tor. The costs of fatigue are a major human and finan­cial bur­den to com­pa­nies, work­ers, and their fam­i­lies. Employ­ers must ensure that every­one in their work­place is aware of poten­tial work­place haz­ards (such as fatigue), and take steps to pre­vent work­place acci­dents, injuries and ill­ness­es that may be a result of fatigue. The resources and strate­gies pre­sent­ed in this sem­i­nar have been devel­oped to help man­age fatigue at the var­i­ous stages, rang­ing from demand­ing com­pli­ance with legal and reg­u­la­to­ry require­ments to inves­ti­gat­ing acci­dents in the workplace.

Course at a glance
  • In-class, face-to-face delivery.
  • One-day course.
  • Aimed at entry-level and practicing health and safety coordinators, professionals, officers, technicians, supervisors, trainers, management, and administrators.
What you will learn

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the effects, signs, and symptoms of fatigue.
  • Develop the Five-Level Fatigue Hazard Control Model.
  • Assess and document a worker’s level of fatigue.
  • Describe the workings of your body clock (also called circadian rhythm).
  • Understand the stages of sleep and how to develop good sleep habits.
  • Implement a healthy lifestyle management plan.
  • Understand the role of relaxation and exercise.
  • Develop appropriate corrective measures to reduce fatigue.
  • Develop a Fatigue Risk Management System assessment checklist.
This course has no prerequisites

Students from all educational backgrounds welcome. You can register for this course without applying and enrolling in a program.

Take note:

  • Post-course work is required and facilitated through eClass.
  • Reading materials: a workbook will be provided in class.
  • Students are encouraged to have a copy of Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation, and Code (most current version). Digital copies of the Act can be acquired, free of charge, at the Alberta Queen’s Printer website (www.qp.alberta.ca).

You can register for and take a course without applying and enrolling into the program.

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