German V

This course takes a com­mu­nica­tive approach to learn­ing, using prac­ti­cal sit­u­a­tions from every­day life. You should be com­fort­able car­ry­ing on basic con­ver­sa­tions in Ger­man. The fol­low­ing con­ver­sa­tion­al top­ics will be cov­ered: looks and per­son­al­i­ty, describ­ing peo­ple, clothes, tol­er­ance and prej­u­dice, school­ing and pro­fes­sions, enter­tain­ment and tele­vi­sion. Learn to use spe­cial arti­cles, adjec­tive end­ings, com­par­isons, modals in the past, sub­or­di­nate claus­es and reflex­ive verbs. We will cov­er Chap­ters 1 through 3. The course allows for some addi­tion­al top­ics and inter­net use. The lan­guage of instruc­tion is Ger­man. Com­ple­tion of EXGEN 3400 is strong­ly recommended.
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