Abstract Painting

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Make the shift from rep­re­sen­ta­tion­al to abstract paint­ing. Gain an under­stand­ing of why and how artists cre­ate abstract works. Exam­ine how chang­ing tech­nolo­gies in the 19th and 20th cen­turies have influ­enced of abstract art. Exper­i­ment with oth­er artists’ process­es and dis­cuss how to use colour, line, and tex­ture to cre­ate rhythm and mood in abstract work. Exam­ine how social move­ments and chang­ing philoso­phies have influ­enced abstract art.


Jan 26, 2022Mar 9, 2022



6:30 pm – 9:30 pm MT





In-per­son (face-to-face) learning, downtown Edmonton

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Classes take place on the second floor of Enterprise Square, 10230–Jasper Avenue, downtown Edmonton.

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Samantha WalrodID: samantha-walrod

Samantha Walrod is a painter and educator living in Edmonton. Her work can be found in various private collections across Canada, including the AFA Collection. Walrod is best known for her figurative paintings, which are depictions of animal/human encounters or depictions of flowers in vases that wilt. Each body of work speaks to hope, loss, decay, and the passage of time.

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EX 1111 is offered this winter: