Worldview and History

A note for stu­dents reg­is­tered in Yel­low­head Trib­al Col­lege’s NTST 103 Native Social Struc­tures: this course is eli­gi­ble for trans­fer cred­it towards Exten­sion’s Indige­nous Com­mu­ni­ty Engage­ment Cita­tion and Indige­nous Com­mu­ni­ty-Indus­try Rela­tions Certificate.

Let me start off by saying that the course was excellent and I learned so much from Diane, Jimmy and the rest of my cohort. It really does ignite the desire to get these courses completed as quickly as possible because there is so much more I need to know. I am so very glad that I took this course…it really opened my eyes. ”

Student, Fall 2016

The first course was so good; it was such an eye opener. It was emotional and informative and I honestly think it should be a mandatory class in University. It would literally benefit everyone that took it and all of the different Indigenous groups across Canada as people would be more educated on the matter. ”

Student, Fall 2016
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Indigenous culture is the cornerstone for building strong relationships amongst First Nations leaders, Elders and other First Nations members. Participants are introduced to the Indigenous worldview of Turtle Island, essential protocols to open good relationships, avoid inappropriate conduct, analyze historical impacts, and the roles of male and female Elders.

The University of Alberta's Faculty of Extension is pleased to be collaborating with Yellowhead Tribal College in an effort to expand our Indigenous education offerings in the Edmonton area. To register for this course, please contact Yellowhead Tribal College directly, via phone at (587) 525-6158 or by email at Please note that registrations cannot be completed through the Faculty of Extension at this time.

Yellowhead Tribal College is Edmonton's only First Nations college, and is an inclusive and open learning institution that provides courses in a flexible, supportive academic environment nurtured by Indigenous cultures and traditions.

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